United Way Scholarship Application

The City of Evans Recreation Department, with the help of United Way of Weld County, has a scholarship program to help provide financial assistance opportunities to Evans’ residents for recreation programs.

80% of scholarships will be awarded to residents of the City of Evans with the remaining 20% available on a first-come, first-served basis to residents of Weld County

Hot Shot T-Ball, Hot Shot Coach Pitch, Hot Shot Basketball, Hot Shot Volleyball, Hot Shot Soccer, Hot Shot Flag Football, Extreme Soccer, Extreme Flag Football, Extreme Volleyball, 9-11 Co-Ed Softball, 12-14 Co-Ed Softball, and Extreme Basketball

Jersey of $20
Any late fee associated with registration

* Max of $60 per program
* Max of 2 programs per year per child
* A $240 maximum scholarship per family a year
* Scholarships are granted on a funds-available basis

All scholarship requests must be on the official scholarship form. The application must be signed by the parent/guardian. Applications must be completely filled out to be considered for the scholarship. Parents or guardians of school age children must provide proof of current enrollment in a school lunch assistance program in order to be eligible for review (i.e. letter from school district or school administrator with a contact number). Once this application is sent online, the letter for free or reduced lunch must be turned in to the Recreation Front Desk or emailed to Jordan Sandau at jsandau@evanscolorado.gov.
Parents of pre-school age or younger children can use a current enrollment in a school lunch assistance program for an older sibling, current documentation of food stamps or proof of current enrollment in Medicaid. Once the application is received, requests will be reviewed and the applicants will be notified. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Submittal of an application does not guarantee the applicant a scholarship grant.

Completed applications MUST be turned in by the following dates for their respective sports seasons. Within two business days, applicants will be notified of their scholarship amount and must register before the registration end date of the respective sport season. 

Volleyball (Spring): January 29 Volleyball (Fall): July 7
Soccer (Spring): February 11 Soccer (Fall): July 7
Flag Football (Spring): February 11 Flag Football (Fall): July 7
T-ball/Coach Pitch/Co-ed Softball: April 21
Hot Shot Basketball: September 15 Extreme Basketball: November 24

This scholarship is valid for programs that run between January 1 and December 31, 2024 (or once funds have been exhausted).